I saw Dr Jasani privately following a malignant melanoma result after a mole removal in NHS. Dr Jasani’s approach to removing more of the surrounding area was one of care and made my worries more manageable with her explanation of the full treatment. Dr Jasani is extremely professional however also she has warmth and understanding of all everyday dilemmas that women face. I was under her care for just over a year seeing her at least 6 times. When in March 2019 she gave me an all clear result from a second mole removal. She is a lovely, caring Doctor who I felt totally relaxed to be with. I would always recommend her to anyone seeking dermatology treatment.
Kind Regards, LH
"I have had the pleasure of getting expert advice on urticaria and angloedema from Dr Namita Jasani. I did not know what I had, but came to Dr Namita Jasani for advice, after a long time having experienced deep swelling in the skin, which would clear within some hours also affecting my lips and tongue. Dr Namita Jasani was able to immediately, in the first consultation, to identify what it was, and instructed a simple blood test as well as some quite strong antihistamine. She phoned me, confirming the diagnosis after the result of my blood test, and instructed further testing, since the blood test showed potentially further issues. The tests, luckily for me, turned out all to be fine and we decided to do some further testing of the blood to detect any allergies. I am now over the urticaria and angloedema. Dr. Namita Jasani is competent, friendly and punctual. I am pleased that I chose the doctor for my issues".
Kind Regards, PF
Dr Jasani treated my daughter for a skin condition, and we were both very pleased with the professional, sensitive, and, ultimately successful, approach she took in dealing with this issue. We were kept very well informed of the likely outcomes and the potential side effects that could occur as part of this relatively long-term treatment. Would be more than happy to recommend Dr Jasani to anyone suffering from a similar condition.
Regards, RH
From the time of being diagnosed with Melanoma to being discharged, Dr Namita Jasani has been nothing but professional, caring and attentive throughout. It was an extremely distressing time for me and my family, yet I knew I was in safe hands and all my worries and concerns were addressed. I cannot thank her and the nurses enough.
Regards, LL
I was very pleased with your prompt diagnosis and biopsy surgery and would like to thank you for all your advice. I would be very pleased to see you again, if need be in the future. I liked the way you explained everything in detail and was very clear on what treatment was needed, and really put me at ease straight away. So, thank you very much for being so kind.
Regards LP
I saw Dr. Jasani and wondered if you could forward my thanks to her. The lesions were in such a awkward place and it has cause so much embarrassment for so very long and its feels like a weight been lifted off my shoulders. She has been kind and professional and that I felt quite tearful when I left.